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On the Cwet 


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® 6) CST) (9 

1. .^atie 3effcrieg 

2. (£()rtg 5)autreui[ 

3. 3frri) '^ortrPDob 

4. (£[)ucEi ^ingo 

5. (£^ti^top()e Samor 

6. ^ri^ten 23uot) 

7. ^at OJIut^earn 

8. %tn\ ebroarb^ 

9. Qinbi) 3fiob[e 

10. X^anid ^a?:qua[e 
12. .'Katie Soaklct) 

13. "IRalcDta 2lmer^on 

14. 3u^tm 6i^e[ 

15. ^im.'R:uni 

16. ^Dugta^ ^c^arfanb 

17. 30^011 .tarne^ 

18. 'IStntbi) ^rcnnan 

19. ^cnni) Sri)ant 

20. 6acktc ©ilptn 

22. Sgl)ai 6c[uu 

23. 3ol)n 33tcton 

24. 2>ec[{p g[ti^ 

25. '?)an |)caco.x 

26. ®auc_^a^g 

27. 'pau[ ^ub^on (Dtegi^trar) 

28. 3u[ie Slg^tcr 

29. 3a^on 93reitfeller 

30. ©tepl)cn dooper 

32. IKmt ISiro 

33. (£f)ri^ 6mitt) 

34. £at[)cnne ^orck 

35. 2Imi) .tat? 

36. dotken 6rogan 

5able of dontent^ 

6tubent£tfe 16 
Performance^ 36 
People 46 
Organisation^ 78 
6reek^ 100 
^boerti^mg 144 
3nbex 152 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


VzTyt-gTsA n. (German: 
Zeit = Time + Geist = 
Spirit) 1 .The spirit of the 
time. 2. The general intel- 
lectual and moral state or 
trend of culture and taste 
characteristic of an era. 

^amacram 1997 

Oglethorpe University 
Atlanta, Georgia 

g On 5^e (£ot)er 6et)en ^eabtp @m^ 


Two-faced Lupton tower measures 
erratic times. Handling hour beginnings and 
endings, its careless tock divides our day. We 
often take the elevated granite timepiece for 
granted, but tradition's turret stands its watch 
as an interested observer, a covert shaper of 
possibility, a symbol of the cultural inherit- 
ance which can bolster or impede a 
generation's attempts to define itself. Every 
quarter-hour from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. the clock 
issues an inescapable reminder of aural tradi- 
tion. But every half-hour the song skips a 
clap, producing a peal of silence. The incom- 
plete cadence of the carillon is Lupton's loop- 
hole, the pause that refreshes, a space left for 
the unfettered expression of the spirit of the 

Zeitgeist: what we make of the missing moment 
of tradition in our race against chime. 

Yearbooks — and this one will be no 
exception — are plagued by smiles. Too often 
yearbooks fail at the difficult task of recording 
campus life. Posed, prepared and presenta- 
tional subjects expose teeth and little else. 
Considering this problem, we decided to 
focus on sins rather than smiles. (Regrettably, 
some of the sinners were busy smiling any- 
way.) In a fit of originality, we chose seven 
Oglethorpian sins. 



Left:Becky Ellis permanently posits pride on 

her posterior. "Tlien like the Petrel, feet 

near the butt-crack ... Nes-cheek Cedere. " 

Above: Davy Crockett: "Y'all can go to hell. 

I'm a-goin ' to Te.uis. " Patrick Floyd: "Y'all 

can go to hell. Pm a-goin ' to git nekkid. " 

Above left: Andy Noble. Michael 
Hogcm and Zaiie Scarborough 
are proud of their uncovered rear 


.Above: "To da curb wit Rudolph. 
I'm guidin' Santa's sleigh!" boasts 
Mike Vickers. 

Left: "Pop Quiz, Iwtshot, " — the 
most basic of Christian virtues or 
the sliaineless solipsistic 
pretensions of hiuiianities 
hubrisians — "what do \ou do?" 



Above right: Show us how you 'II 

quench the fires, SJmdrach, 

Meshach and Abednego. 

Right: Pat McCrotch, inseam 34". 


Below: Insobriety: usually phrased as. "Why 
does everyone have a third eye in the middle 
of her forehead? " 

Above: A 2nd floor Schmidt resident, who 
shall remain nameless, smoking a little 
sumthin'-sumthin' on the roof of the libraiy. 

Right: Leslie Menoni and James Morelli are 
the only people brave enough to take credit 
for grinding on the EAE dance floor. 


Below. Kellx-Bellx-Hole-in-HoUand.. 


Left: Paul Lyons. I'm no doctor, hut it looks like 

your speech problems could have something to 

do with the silver hall in your tongue. 

Ahove: Andy Noble pulls out his right eye as a 
party gag at the ZAE house. It's a crowd 



Above left: Dr. Baiibe studies the 
particle of his soul which 
remains unaffected by academia 
while Rebecca Minnick searches 
for answers in her anatomy 

Abo\e: hari-kari: sannirai 
suicide by disemboweling; 
karaoke: modem variant of Ixari- 
kari, substituting song for sword 
Andrew. Lisa. Erika and Sofia 
bombing with "Love Sliack. " 

Left: Jena Jolissaint — Stop! in 
the name of lobe. 




Above: Tiffany Kelsey skillfully 

crams a few minutes of study 

between hours of labor on the 


Above right: Mostly sunny, 72 

degrees, winds from the southwest 

at five knots. "Petfect day for 

titration, " says Coy Miller as 

vitality drip, drip, drips from his 


Right: WordPerfect, SleepLost, 
StressFelt, TimeSpent, NoFun. 

8 3c'tgei^t 

Below: Allison Wilbur finds precious few 
moments as she waits in line for a desk at 
which to study for an upcoming test. 

Above: "Hey baby, take our picture. " Only 
Oglethorpe can attract darky construction 

Right: Even Professor Schultz's new wife 
Liiula Bartell Schultz lovingly calls him a 


Left: Hal Robinson whispers to Shannon 

Moreland. "You can be in the picture, but 

you can 't have my beer " 

Above: At the financial aid office it's difficult 

to determine who's the greediest. Oglethorpe 

Universitx or its student body. 

10 Scitgcigt 

Above left: Darla Rook knows 
how to shake her money-maker. 

Above: I wanna degree: I 
wanna job; I wanna home 
theater: I wanna path to 
enlightenment and sublime 
inner peace: I wanna Lexus ... 

Left: Some greedy students 
have been blown to smuggle 
silverware out of the dining 
hall in their pockets, but Paul 
Lyons scoff's at Jimmy Elliott's 
attempt to fit an entire stool 
wuier his coat. 



Above right: Big John keeps his 

right hand in liis pants and a beer 

in the left. This is a big change 

from the usual heer-in-the-right- 


Sources say the change was due to 

ginseng tea. Big John says. "I just 

have more energy now! I feel 


Right: Hangovers like this only 
happen to the best of us. Here's 

our advice to Robert Pace and Hot 
Rod (Rob Wesley): take t^vo 

Tylenol and call us in the morning. 

12 Scitgei^t 

Below: Wistful Whitney Cook: I'd go vrooni.. 
vroom if I were on a motorcycle... vroom, 

\bove: Jeff Pyron and Tea "Monk Boy" 
Smith... Okay, we admit it. We were way too 
ilothful to find a good picture for this page. 

\bove right: "Whoa, so what if the TV peoph 
vere watching me too?" Hal Robinson 
■vonders, remote control in hand. 

-^citacifr 1 S 


Below: Tragedy (Allison Cool). Comedy 
(Kim Williams). Gluttony (Erin O'Brien). 

14 Scilgcfet 

Left: In addition to eating fattening foods (see lop photo). Kim 

Williams also consumes fattening liquids found in beer-cun-esque 

containers. How does she stay so thin? 

Above: A wealth of opportunities for urbane entertainment — beer — 

located in a world-class city — Boone's — Oglethorpe University 

prepares leaders of the 21st century — Beam — for a life or a liver. 


Above Left: Gluttony? Joe Vance 
stands at the grill awaiting his 
daily punishment without 
blindfold or last cigarette. 

Above: During the Milk 
Challenge on 3rd floor Trustee. 
Matt Vandebunte refuses to cr\- 
over spilled bovine by-products. 

Left: Molly luncheon numchin' 

sumthin ', 
Peristalsis hauls its bolus. 
In her room, no meal plan food. 
Saxonara Benx Carter 


just leave your hazards on ... rat 
violates visiting hours on Alumni 
3rd floor.... scattered, smothered, 
covered, chunked, diced, topped ... I 
don't know what they bake in Jacobs 
13, but it smells kinda funny ... 
Moxley wanna cracker? ... Traer 
tennis Trekkie ... OU hour at Teeter 
... Amalgam rolls on ... Post Ho Chi 
Minh ... a place to sleep, study, 
unjam desk drawers, repair door 
handles, mend sinks, fix plumbing 
... 100% at home, 50% away ... 
Gomer trainer on the double! ... 
YITBOS ... if you leave it in the 
shower that's tacit consent ... 
Espresso unExperienced ... 986- 
8772 ... how far is Atlanta from 
Oglethorpe? ... kill a president ... 
intramurals missing MESH ('93-'96) 
... flier serves as deforestation ... OU 
Five-0, "Book 'em, Julien ... 
in Trustee 22, 22 years ago ... cum 
baby cum baby baby cum cum ... 
bulby Barbie beaming beside bass- 
baritone balding ... Scripps Howard 
cable-splitter ... Service Merchan- 
dise guitar ... a special kind of 
" sisterhood ... 26 minutes for 750 ... 
can I ask you a question? ... Linda 
Taylor: alma mater mama ... gallon 
in an hour ... cereal inequality: one 
pull-full > one bowl-full ... Durang- 
ed or just poorly written? ... 3rd 
floor Schmidt yellow mood light- 
ing... Bomb Shelter presents Video- 
of-the-Week, "Who Gives a Damn?" 

5tiibcnt £ifc 


Above: Kiley Ryba and Emily Herbert, how 

many licks does it take to get to the cheny 

center of the Oglethorpe experience? 

Two and counting... 

(chibcnt ?ijt 







DIett) ©tuff 

If viewed in time-lapse photography 
the physical transformation of campus 
over the last seven years would be 
astonishing. The $5.5 million Conant 
Performing Arts Center will likely cap 
a building boom unrivaled since the 
'60s. (From '66-72 Emerson, Traer, 
Goslin, the president's house on 
Windsor and the upper quad dorms 
were built. Also, Lowry, Hearst and 
Goodman were renovated.) 

Beginning with the second 
renovation of Lowry Hall — into 
Weltner Library — begun in '9 1 , John 
Knott has seen more construction bids 
and blueprints than students have seen 
opinion surveys. Greek housing ('93), 
the Schmidt Center ('94), the once 
new residence hall ('96) and the 
physical plant ('96) have gone up 
almost as quickly as flora, fauna and 
other impediments could be cleared 
away. The university's appetite for 
construction remains insatiate as 
strategic initiatives for the 2 1 st century 
continue to supplant sylvan initiatives 
of past millennia. 

Below: After sening as interim academii 

dean for a semester and a half, Nancy Ker, 

sprung into action as new provost March 10 


6tubcnt i'ifc 

. n '\ 




Above: Fraugiamore Architects of Atlanta injected the DNA of a StJ-arford-si^ie 
circular tent into a gothic fau.x-granite enibno. Shown here in early gestation, the 
resulting genetic mishap was dedicated Conant Perfonning Ans Center May 2. 

Far left: Good coffee, good pastries, good senice — no custotners. Tlje coffee 
cart in Goodman struggled with meal plan exclusion and student neglect before 
Daniel Pasquale called it a year April 14. Erie Goldberg and Dave Rathbone 
patronize Pasquale. 

Middle left: Caught in a moment of disrepair, the poorly maintained banner near 
the Traer stairs offers a study in windblown aesthetics. The halflumg sign is one of 
17 heavyweight vinyl additions to campus. 

Left: Thornwell Jacobs' granddaughter presented this Swiss-caned crest to the 
universit}- on O Day. Now hanging in the libraiy the crest recreates the 
Oglethorpe family coat of arms, save the motto. When an architectonic poet with a 
messianic complex says. "By God's hand it is resurrected. " whose haiid do you 
think he's talking about'? 

(ctubcnt £'ifc - 19 



Above: Kelly Holland wears the booty of an internship with Centennial Events 
Inc. at the Trick or Treat in Truer Kelly spent all summer building 880 pairs of 

butteifly wings for the Olympic opening ceremonw 

Far right: Dyeing for identity in the unnamed residence hall. Amy Allen with 
exhibit egg: it comes from a chicken not a bunnx, dummv. 

Middle right: Matt Mozzotta's old school, street .skate stylin' in the upper quad. 

Right: Tshai Gebru. Penny Bryant. Joann Anderson and Shoncy Pegran take a 
break from cleaning duties to enjoy Stomp the Lawn. 


6tubcnt £'ifc 

On dampu^ 

The slimmest freshman enrollment — 

57 — since 1990 contributed to a 
significant decrease in campus resi- 
dence. Without the usual supply of 
freshmen, transients, transfers and 
assorted huddled masses with no 
other housing option, upper quad 3rd 
floor occupancy dwindled. The 
formerly new residence hall, originally 
intended to house upperclassmen. was 
filled with sophomores. Students 
signed up for doubles ended up 
getting singles. Greeks had trouble 
filling houses. 

Diminished residents did enjoy 
novel amenities: personal phone lines. 
OUnet hookups, easier parking and 
new furniture. Community life also 
bought containers for Evie Goldberg's 
tobacco leftovers while quizzically 
confiscating the residuum of Matt 
Carlisle and Drew Murrell's herb of 

Left: Jennifer Nanek raises a racket outside 
Traer Since orientation in fall '94 Jennifer 
has played solo on the sidewalk two or three 
times a week, but no one's keeping score. 




33oar'^ t>^ah 

Purchased for $9.22 at the Interna- 
tional Farmers Market in Chamblee, 
the boar's head is a cheap date with a 
guaranteed goodnight kiss. But the 
namesake of OU's oldest tradition 
deserves more than a one-night stand. 
This year the Yamacraw went beyond 
the smooching, schmoozing and song 
of the December 6 ceremony and 
concert in search of the heart of a 
bodiless boar. 

Though he claimed to enjoy 
his weekend on campus, Head was 
quick to criticize the holiday celebra- 

"Reluctant lips, rosemary and 
the return of Roy Wayne Mays — the 
routine doesn't change," Head said. "I 
am a symbol; I accept that. Some 
degree of objectification is inevitable. 
But I don't appreciate being treated 
like a grisly showpiece, some macabre 
ornament of rough-hewn medieval 
appetites, like a piece of meat." 

Head would not comment on 
specifics of the Boar's Head legend 
except saying, "That Copcot story is 
mostly bullshit." 


Ctiibcnt I'ifc 

Below: 15.63 lbs of pork head thawing in the 
cafeteria kitchen. Aramark's Margie Sanders 
says the nose and ears are edible. (She'd use I 
onions, black pepper and seasoning salt.)\ 

Above: Table tennis Copcut Chris Lamor bests the boars head 
proving once again. "Topspiu conquers even the treacherous 
beast. " 

Far left: OAK initiate Sarah Phillips goes down to give Head a 

Middle left: Megan Podolsky and .Molly Lewis agree with the 
Boar's Head Carol. "He's the finest dish in all the land. " 

Left: Another pigheaded professor clears his throat and spits out 
Aristotle for students in Hearst lOL 

^Stubcni iMfc 

Above: Bruce Wilkes, Brent Latham and Roderick Underwood ignite Petrels of 
Fire. Though undercut on turn one, Brent won his second consecutive race: the 

clock extended its unbeaten streak to eight. 

Far right: Edwin L. Jackson. John In.scoe. Donald Stanton and Paul Hudson raise 

a wassail toast in the cafeteria. 

Middle right: Joel McGinnis (pipes) and Andrew Jackson (skins) lead the 
procession to Emerson. Jackson hails from Godahning, JEO's hometown. 

Right: Roderick's shenanigans over wassail and petits fours fail to amuse Keabii 



6tubcnt Sife 

Dg(ett)orpe ^ap 

l< 'M^SSii^MJ 




.^i I .;".^S 


Linda Taylor submitted two verses in 
spring '87, but only the first was 
adopted as Oglethorpe's alma mater. 
In celebration of the 1 0-year anni \ er- 
sary of Taylor's text Donald Moore 
wanted to hear both verses sung on O 
Day. Johannes Brahms made no effort 
to change his tune, but the poet 
professor wanted to revise her second 
verse for its first public performance. 
She enlisted the help of her Women 
Poets class, and together they rewrote 
the long-obscured lyrics. The 
plainclothes Singers led the new folk 
verse for the convocation. 

Bob Unger postponed the 
running of Petrels of Fire for the first 
time in the race's eight-year histor}'. 
After surveying the wet concrete 
course Unger decided, unlike the 
Petrel feet near the ocean, to wait a 
week for drier conditions. 

Left: Playing James Oglethoijie with a 212- 
year-old sugar fix. professional actor John 
Carson searches Lupton Auditorium for 
birthday cake. Sony Jamie, you're a year 

c^l^c^r life 



As junior class president, Jason 

Stackhouse was responsible for 



-:.:..^- m^^^^ 

^^anBi 'J ' L 

planning the homecoming dance. 


JPII^ • •-• 

After choosing Studio Two, with its 

WT^ n.. 

movie set decor, Jason wanted a 


Hollywood theme. He settled for 
"You Ought to Be in Pictures." 

^^^^^^^B ^^^^F Jtf^r^^^ 

f ,— 

^^^^^^^^P^ ^ M 



Attendees split time between dance 

^^^^HHHr ..^I^^^^^^^^HI 

floor and sports bar. 


After the basketball game the 


night before. Zane Scarborough, Andy 


Noble and three quarts of Sysco lit up 


a truckload of wood and an old couch 


in the long-disused fire space behind 

'I^H^ ^^pl^^^B^ 

Goodman. OSA had planned a post- 

■ I^B-' ^^^^^f .^^^^^ 

game party, but the athletic depart- 

^^^^^^^^B ^ttoB^^^j IBm^-^ -J^r^ "^-f^^^^^^^^^^^H 

ment failed to return OSA's sound 
system. As the fire died down, the 

prospect of music-less merriment 

H^^^HpHp ' ^vt^Bk^ f %^ ^^^^^^^1 

seemed slim. In hopes of drawing 

^^^^PF w M: ^|nk ulRI^^^^^^^I 

party-goers out of dorm rooms, Zane 

^^^^m -^^ JHi ^^Hn^ '^j^^Hr .^^^^^^1 

decided to move the gathering to the 

^^^H *j^p ^i^lr -^ pl^l^^l^^^^^l 

upper quad and use the ZAE stereo 

^^^^^^^^^B ^^^* j_^^^^Bf ^'^''^^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^k 

and speakers. When Kelley Stoner 

^^^^^^r .^^^Msivd^itfH^^^^B '^^^lEyH^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

received noise complaints she had a 

^^^ ^^^^H^^^^^^L ■Sh^^^^^^I 

COW. Rather than turn down the 

^^^r '' ^^^^^^^^w^^^^^^^^^^^^L ^^R^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l 

music, Zane decided to abandon the 

^^V ~'^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^pl^^ '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^ "^^^^^Ir i^^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l 

twice-thwarted soiree. 

^^^^^^^^^B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^K ^^^lv!^|^|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| 



Above: Rob Meegan is left holding his... drink, as Jennifer Bozeman strands him on 
the dance floor with a well-executed dance-away. 

Far left: Sam Rasnake makes afiiss over Marinith Leftwich's gown. 

Middle left: Lord Oglethorpe Russell Lind and Susan Waage. 

Left: Flanked by Kelly Holland. Jason Stackhouse prepares to announce Lord and 
Lady Oglethorpe. The chosen couple. Russell Lind and Becky Ellis, measured a 
combined 12 feet 2 inches. 

Opposite above: Heather McNeill. Dani Stellin. Melissa Drouin. Susie Polyak, 
Laura Williams and Stephanie Mannis. 

tctubeni iiifc 





Above: Representing the Indian-Pakistani Student Association, Shanti Jetwani, 
Meena Jetwani and Jessica Pollin perform an Indian folk dance from the film 

"Yuranna. " 

Above right: In elegant kimono Reiko Maki interprets Miyagi's "Spring Ocean" on 
violin with piano accompaniment from Catherine Borck. 

Far right, bottom: Traditional and contemporaiy st^'les from around the globe 
shared the stage at the close of the international fashion show — like "It's a Small 

World" sans song and gondola. 

Middle right: Sporting a kurtha. standard casual Indicm menswear emcee Ashish 
Thakiir introduces acts and provides explanations of cultural context. 

Right: Efosa I 'v:a and Paul Hudson model Nigerian dashikis. Later Foe and Paul 

donned contemporaiy American urban gear 



3ntemattona[ 9?ig^t 







1 X 








^^^^^^^^^^^^K l^^^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ft 







^^^^^^^^^^^Br'^ .' ' 

J^' M 

\ ^^^E 





^^^^H ^ 

^^^^f ^iS^^Ej 







Around the world in 90 minutes. 
Through extensive planning and 
grueling rehearsals the dedicated 
members of the International Club 
produced an entertaining and cultur- 
ally enriching evening. Emcees Hester 
van der Burgh and Ashish Thakur 
welcomed a full house to Lupton 

As in past years the interna- 
tional fashion show was a highlight, 
featuring clothing from Nigeria. India. 
China. Pakistan. Japan. England and 
the United States. Musical selections 
included Chin Chi Wu's graceful 
playing of the gu tzen and the more 
familiar shakin'. strummin' and singin' 
of 2 a.m. The seamless transition 
between Greek and Indian folk dances 
accentuated the club's attempt to 
heighten appreciation of diversity. 

After the performance the 
audience was directed to the museum. 
where Chris Lamor and Olga 
Shpodoruk coordinated spreads of 
multicultural cuisine and information. 

CIU^C!U i:irc 

6tubent ^n^k 

Below: Jason Smith provides guitar ana 

Patrick Ritter does his best Billy Corgan 

as Focus covers "Mouths of Babes." 

Carla Hyman and Mandy McDow 
programmed the successful return of 
Battle of the Bands. (Booking difficul- 
ties with no-longer-up-nor-coming 
Drivin' N' Cryin' for Stomp the Lawn 
V forced a one-year hiatus of the 
student music showcase.) Unlike past 
incarnations of the Battle only the 
victor reaped the spoils of lawn 
stomping revelry. Though short on 
drugs, dancing and rebellion the event 
covered rock 'n' roll's remaining 
essential tenets: sex and violins. 

Daniel Pasquale of Expresso 
Experience provided an inexhaustible 
spread of homemade dips, chips, bagel 
sandwiches, punch, humus and pita 
bread free to audience and perform- 
ers. Reminiscent of New Orleans 
1815, Old Hickory claimed victory. 

Open mic nights in the Bomb 
Shelter and Night of the Arts offered 
less combative settings for melodic 
expression. Student selections in the 
spring Lunch and Listen series ranged 
from Chopin (Catherine Borck) to the 
Indigo Girls (Sam Rasnake, Christine 
Bernier, Mandy McDow). 


Ctubciit I'ife 





, -.v^ '■■^''^^i-.-% *^i 

■xn 7'-^ 

V'.. "■/» 



•■> -.^r 


IBBB^^ -] 





« w. 


/liioi'e; Shagmonsters Andy Milford. Mike Bany. Clvis Geronimos and Chris 
Daiitreuil command the stage at Stomp the Lawn. Old Hickoiy is not pictured, but 
he seems to he on eveiy other Godahned page of this book. The Shags set included 
Hank Williams. Little Walter, CCR. their signature "Peter Gunn" and a jazzy 
original "7th and 9th Schizophrenia. " 

Far left: 2 a.m. harmonizes at International Night. In addition to covering the 
Stones and James, Mike Barn; Jeremiah Jejfra, Mandy McDow and Dax Collins 
played originals like "Alone and Rising. " 

Middle left: Allison Smith shreds her way tlirough "Csardas. " a gipsy-flavored 
Hungarian folk dance by Monti. Though she cited Whitesnake and KISS as 
influences in her bio, her true inspirations run closer to Midori and Perbnan. 

Left: Oxygen is optional for roaring contorting rocker Rirter. 

cnibcnt liifc 

Above: Jason's mirthful throng enjoys concierto con Karnes as Edwin McCain 

delights the misoleinionic masses. 

Far right: Alberto Lugo-Vina feeds ice chunks to the snow-cone machine. Lisa 
Morgan serves smaller syrupy chunks to Peter Clement. 

Middle right: Luke Brown and Da.x Collins test their G force thresholds in the 

tummy-turning spinwheel. 

Right: Carla Hyman and Mariruth Leftwich pose for the Stomp the Lawn visitor's 
brochure. "Experience the e.xhileration of our 20-foot slide and other nonpareil 

inflatable attractions. " 

Oppc ' ■;^:c: A.xl emerges from Bill Bailey's Indiana chrysalis. Trinket's 

serpentine singer sheds his skin. 


6tubcnt i;i, 

©tomp t^e 2avon 

The Connells' cancellalion less than a 
week before their scheduled perfor- 
mance made Dave Pass sick to his 
stomach, but the resourceful program- 
ming board chair was able to get 
Hootie harbinger Edw in McCain to 
headline the vernal concert on the 
academic quad. Sonic conquerors Old 
Hickory and the Shagmonsters 
opened the show and laid claim to the 
legacy of Abner Black as OU's pre- 
miere musical act. Perhaps the whitest 
credible blues deri\ ative since Johnny 
Winter, the Shagmonsters' abbreviated 
set found a warm response on a 
breezy afternoon. While community 
life operatives circled the premises in 
search of social lubrication in contra- 
band containers. Patrick O'Rourke 
and Jason Karnes sang along with 
McCain, and Gloria Johnson ogled 
Trinket's front man. 

The event ended on a sobering note 
with the announcement of Tim 
Crowley's passing. A scarred conimiu- 
nity placed flowers under a scarred 
tree in his memor}'. 

^TH^.'IK "* 

iiirciu i."irc 


After watching tuition, housing, lab 
fees and activities fees rise for four 
years, seniors were saddled with the 
exorbitant cost of graduation. Cap, 
tassel, gown and hood cost $39.95 in 
the bookstore. Rebecca Hester's 
graduation announcements and invita- 
tions cost her $36.95. The business 
office billed all graduating seniors $75 
to cover diploma printing and com- 
mencement ceremony expenses. 
Additionally, senior class president 
Randy Roberson asked seniors to 
contribute $50 (in two easy $25 
installments) for the class gift to the 
core endowment fund. 

Yoel Levi's commencement 
address included nearly as many 
voices as his Atlanta Symphony 
Orchestra. The Maestro's tour de 
force of allusion included bits from 
Twain, Rabelais, Walter Lippman, 
John Adams, Shakespeare, Israeli 
folklore, campus graffiti and 
Protagoras' theory of the soul. Levi 
also managed to insert a maxim of his 
own: "Life is not an algorithm." 


Ctubcnt !i.'ifc 


Above: The Class of '97 eyes the future. 

Far left: After Stephen Cooper's stirring a cappella rendition of "America the 
Beautiful." news of Bobby Scott's alfivsco commencement began circulating. By 
the fourth pass the banner received less attention than Dn Kerr's request to hold 
applause until all names had been called. But the plane kept going and going 
and going ... 

Middle left: As they wait to receive their diplomas Ryan Strong and Vmce 
Zinnennan stand in awe of S. Truett Cathy doctor of humane letters and 
boneless chicken. "Strong, maybe someday you could be sovereign of a 
worldwide chicken empire." "Someday. Mnce. somedo}:" 

Left: Introduced by President Stanton as "a veiy unusual fellow. " Randy 
Roberson found his niche "only at Oglethorpe." 

Opposite above: Barbara Noblin counsels Courtney King. "Tlie key to a wind- 
resistant mortarboard is location, location, location. " 

ctubcni S;ifc 


Performances at Oglethorpe 
started off with a bang as the 
Playmakers presented "Assassins," a 
musical by Steven Sonheim. The rest of 
the year included the children's theatre 
production of "The Elf and the Cobbler" 
and Wendy Wasserstein's "Uncommon 
Women & Others." The times are 
changing, as is reflected by the emer- 
gence of independent theatre groups 
such as Scarlett & Blues and LBCM 
Productions. As Willy once said, "The 
world is a stage...." Here at Oglethorpe, 
not only are the sets being remodeled, 
but the players have received new blood 
with the addition of some talented 
freshmen into the Playmakers. Let the 

show begin! 

. -■ '•■*f'' 

Above: The Playmakers put on "Assassins, 
a musical about assassins of American 




Above: The Playmakers have some fun 
blowing bubbles before "The Elf and the 

Cobbler. " 

Right: Playing a farmer. James Rissler sadly 
reminisces about when the President was 


makers ^robuctton^ 


Left: Lisa Morgan and Sarah Phillips smile 
coxlx as Christine Beniier lakes time out 
from her feeding to inspect the commotion. 

'l>crfipniianfC5 39 


Above: Mike D'Amico. Kim Worley, Ainh 

Milford, Brian Giipton and Jaime 

Jediychowski in the final scene of 

"Assassins. " 

Right: "Hey, that's okay. We're all 
homicidal loons. 






^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hn'. ^ 






^V ' 


B ^-^.l/^ 

^B ■•.' '.^jV j; 

B~''' ■ •■'^^•r' ■ 


^B ,:' .v.,v; ', , 







Above: Brian Gupton in a dramatic moment 
in "Assassins. " 

Left: Jeremy Jeffra sings as Mike DAniico 
contemplates hanging himself. 

^V'rfDniiancc? 41 




Above: The cast and crew of the Scarlet and 
Bhies production, "Traveling." Although he's 
in the back, Jeremy Jeffra is responsible for 
this great group. Back row: Jeremy Jeffra, 
Mike DAmico, Rob Meegan. Middle row: 
Erika Andersson, Adrienne Lerner Brandon 
Buchanan, Sarah Phillips, Dean Tucker, 
Kate Coakley, Jason Blackmon, Lisa 
Morgan. Lori Jeansonne, Jennifer Benoit, 
Danielle Stellin, Samantha Rasnake. Mandy 
McDow. Front row: Heidi Blackwell, Amity 
Sewell and Katie Jefferies. 

Right: Charles Barousse and Luke Brown 
peek out of their redneck living quarters in 
the LBCM production "The Camping Trip 
from Hell. " 



Got a story? an idea? a play? Go 
ahead — produce it. Perform it. It's pos- 
sible. The emergence of two new theatre 
groups, Scarlet & Blues and LBCM Pro- 
ductions proves this point. We will see 
more from Scarlet & Blues next year, but 
LBCM Productions sadly folds with the 
graduation of Matthew Thompson. Jer- 
emy Jeffra, originator of Scarlet & Blues 
says that he hopes that more students be- 
gin to bring their creations to life. After all, 
what better place to play Frankenstein than 
Oglethorpe University? 




Above: Okay, so it's a posed picture, bur it's 
ii good one.' Rob Meegaiu Sarah Phillips 
,ind Jason Blachnon sniile in between acts of 
Traveling. " 

Left: In their vignene "On the Virgin." 
Danielle Srellin. Samantha Rasnake. Mandy 
McDow and Lori Jeansonne struggle with 
deflowering and masturbation as they 
discuss how to give head and accessorize. 

l^crfoniionccj -13 

Unwer^ttt) 6maet^ 





^ i 



^^d I 



Afeove; A'^ow, Dr. Ray, explain to us why 
Pete can't walk after his honeymoon'?! 

Right: Eveiyone has a different way to 

relieve stress before a concert. Katie 

Jeffries and Mike D'Amico play hangman. 




.7. < rfcjgj^.'i.r— n 

Life has held a sweet melody 
for the University Singers this year. 
From the annual Boar's Head concert 
to the AACU performance at the 
Marriott to the Basically Brahms spring 
concert heard all over Georgia public 
radio, the Singers have perfonned 
superbly. Many churches in the area 
have hosted the sleepy singers for 
Sunday services and some lucky high 
school students got to miss class to hear 
the strains of "Zigeunerlieder." Any 
interested parties? 

Above: The 1996-1997 Universin- Singers. 
Left: Karen Anderson and Andy MUftnxl 
display tlje culinary feast supplied by Dr 
Stanton. Hey. this gig does have perks! 


Field Guide to Petrel Watching 
on a MARTA Train 
You find yourself riding MARTA 
northbound in the same car as a 
nameless face from the cafeteria. 
Embarrassed that you lack any real 
acquaintance with the anonymous 
Oglethorpian, you withhold eye 
contact and stare instead at the green 
advertisement for greyhound racing. 
But as you both prepare to detrain at 
Brookhaven/OU, you and the famil- 
iar stranger wait together before still- 
closed sliding doors. Shoulder to 
shoulder you maintain your policy of 
disacknowledgment feeling progres- 
sively more awkward and absurd. 
Contrary to the self-deluding fodder 
of communitarian propagandists, 
Oglethorpe is not so small that 
^ everyone knows everyone. Even a 
claim of simple familiarity would 
exaggerate the closeness of 
Oglethorpe's 776-member full-time 
student body. (A contention of 
familiarity among the 435 campus 
residents would be less ambitious, 
but far from a safe bet.) Somewhere 
between atomized anonymity and the 
impossible intimacy of admissions 
brochures lies a true assessment of 
OU community, where faces cease to 
be surprising, but most names remain 

The following pages contain famil- 
iar faces and less familiar names. 

Above: "Meriyl Feld, didn't anyone evef Ml you those things cause cancer? 

;^eoplc -i'i 

anb |) outing 





Donald S. Stanton 

John B. Knott 
Executive Vice President 

Paul L. Dillingham 
Assistant to the President 

Nancy H. Kerr 

48 0' |iCDplc 

John A. Thames 
Dean of University College 

Donald R. Moore 

Vice President for Student 

Affairs/Dean of 

Community Life 

Robert Buccino 

Vice President for 


Paul Hudson 

Lcfl: Oiilelhorpe's tender loving ACs: Kelley Sloner, Sara Hinkle and 

kickic (HI pin. 

liclow: The Upper Quad KAs: Top row: Troy Campbell. Russell Lind. 
Patrick Ritter. Bottom Row: Rut Mulhcarn. Rebecca Hester. Terri 

Below left: The New Residence Hall RAs: Eddie Yates. Jerry 

I'ortwood. Miki Willicnnson. 

Marshall Nason 
Assistant Dean of 
Communitv Life 

And> Altizer 
Director of Housing 

\bove: The Traer RAs: Kelly Holland. Hope LeBeau, Jessica 
Aulfelder, Neetu Tawney and Toinika Powell. 




G. Malcolm Amerson 
Professor of Biology 

Keith H. Aufderheide 
Professor of Chemistry 

Keith E. Baker 
Director of Accounting 


Charles L. Baube 

Assistant Professor of 


Robert A. Blumenthal 
Professor of Mathematics 

James A. Bohart 

Associate Professor of 


William L. Brightman 
Professor of English 

Ronald L. Carlisle 

Professor of Computer 

Science and Mathematics 

Barbara R. Clark 
Professor of English 

John A. Cramer 
Professor of Physics 



Roberta K. Deppe 

Assistant Professor of 


Ann Lee Hall 

Assitant Professor of 


Timothy H. Hand 

Associate Professor of 


Bruce W. Hetherington 
Professor of Economics 

Raymond J. Kaiser 

Assistant Professor of 


C. Lee Knippenberg 
Director of the Theatre 


Joseph M. Knippenberg 

Associate Professor of 


Robin M. LeBlanc 

Assistant Professor of 


Jay Lutz 

Associate Professor of 


Alexander M. Martin 

Assistant Professor of 


Michael F. McClure 

Assitant Professor of 




Professor of 

Q: How do you charac- 
terize the Zeitgeist at 

A: When I was first 
here, 1 noticed that my 
students had different 
hair color ever}' week. 
Those are the things 
that make me feel 
teaching is a privelege, 
because you're around 
people who are experi- 
menting with their life 
and those are the best 
people with whom to 
have a conversation. 



Professor of 

"I have met many 
wonderful and often 
unforgettable people .... 
I have been touched by 
all their lives and have 
learned a lot from them. 

"I arrived at 
Oglethorpe on Septem- 
ber 1, 1968 and since 
that time I have en- 
joyed a love-hate rela- 
tionship with this insti- 
tution. I love it because 
it is so wonderful, and I 
hate it when I realize 
that it is not perfect." 

Douglas McFaiiand 
Assistant Profes- 

sor of English 

Mary M. Middleton 
Associate Professor of 


Gary T. Nelson 

Associate Professor of 


Philip Neujahr 
Professor of Philosophy 

Lloyd Nick 

Director of Art Programs 

Caroline R. Noyes 

Assistant Professor of 


John D. Orme 
Professor of Politics 



Viviana P. Plotnik 

Assistant Professor of 


W. Irwin Ray 

Director of Musical 



^^^^^^ 4 




^ ^wi •^i 





Michael K. Rulison 
Professor of Physics 

Daniel L. Schadler 
Professor of Biology 

William C. Shultz. Ill 

Assistant Professor of 

Business Administration 

William O. Shropshire 

Callaway Professor of 


W. Bradford Smith 

Assistant Professor of 


Robert Steen 

Assistant Professor of 


Brad L. Stone 
Professor of Sociology 

William F. Straley 

Associate Professor of 

Business Administration 

Linda J. Taylor 
Professor of English 

David N. Thomas 
Professor of History 

Philip D. Tiu 

Assistant Professor of 


J. Dean Tucker 

Associate Professor of Bus. 

Admin. and Economics 



James M. Turner 

Assistant Professor of 


Vienna K.Volante 

Associate Professor of 


Victoria L. Weiss 
Professor of English 

Monte W. Wolf 
Professor of Chemsitry 

Alan N. Woolfolk 

Associate Professor of 


Philip P. Zinsmeister 
Professor of Biology 

Jason M. Wirth 

Assistant Professor of 





Julie Agster 

Liesl Allen 

Eric Andersen 

Jeff Bates 

t* ^'s^adwo* 

Todd Bembry 

Dustin Bost 

Jennifer Bowers 

John Breton 

Edward Brumby 

Cheryl Calupas 

Troy Campbell 

Keith Carroll 




Jennifer Clayton 

William Combs 

Kathryn Cook 

Stephen Cooper 


Joseph Cox 

Donald Crawford 

Tessa Daly 

Gregory Daspit 

Catharine Doles 

Whitney Farrow 

Audrey Fillop 

Katie Fletcher 

56 (T-- T^'^'^'^' 

-■^'':mL^-i^^-^ -1. '■■ 


K '-■JSSM^^^ 



^^1^ ^ -r '^ 
M f 


Colleen Grogan 

Derek Hambrick 

Kristin Herbert 

Rebecca Hester 

Thomas Hopkins 

Christina Humphries 








C^. 'V 


1 1 

^^^^M.''* i' ^v'' 1 

•^^'-^ -'^'••' • 





Rawan Ibrahim 

James Jaehni.g 

Gloria Johnson 




Q: How would you 
Oglethorpe's Zeitgeist? 

A: The first thing that 
comes to mind is apa- 
thy. But I think that's 
because the student 
body is divided. Stu- 
dents don't focus their 
energies on accom- 
plishing anything 
readily apparent. Since 
everyone is so focused 
on their own small 
faction, there is no 
spirit of unit} . 
Oglethorpe lacks 
school pride, even 
though the school has 
lots of positive aspects. 
The spirit of the times 
is a lack of spirit. 




Jason Karnes 

Tiffany Kelsey 

Farah Khatoon 

Chris Lamor 

Jon Lampkin 

Le Le 

Hope LeBeau 

David Leach 

Theresa Linebarger 

Brian McNulty 

Stephenie Miller 

Kathrina Mooney 




Andy Noble 

Jennifer Ovdenk 

Rok Petric 

Katherine Petrizzo 

Jeff Pyron 

Matt Reeves 

Randy Roberson 

Stacv Rosenblat 

Diana Rotiie 

Ahna Sagrera 

Angela Satterfield 

Jennifer Schillinger 

^V-orlc 59 


Zachary Schwab 

Jennifer Scowcroft 

Deempal Sheth 

Laura Sinclair 

^K ■ *Iiiiiiiltiiiii 




W M 

1^^ *" 



Brandon Smith 

Tharius Sumter 

Matthew Thompson 

Maria Topczij 

Kathleen Trucksis 

Yuriko Tsukada 

Julie Vazquez 

Mark Watson 

60 '• T)cDplc 

:-.f-v k- J -^cn -■-.." ■ 

.v>Pf ..■ \ 

Allison Wilbur 

Bruce Wilkes 

Eddie Yates 

Angela Zaballa 




Q: How would you 
Oglethorpe's Zeitgeist? 

A: It's kind of frag- 
mented. There's no 
prevailing intellectual 
or cultural trend. 
There's a division in 
ethos between the 
humanities and busi- 
ness departments. Ho^^ - 
ever, there is an overall 
love of knowledge and 

?:'desire for personal 
betterment that charac- 

.|terizes the campus. 



^re^^men ©op^omore^ 3wntor^ 

Amy Allen 

Cheryl Allen 

Karen Anderson 

Erika Andersson 

Ivan Annikov 

Charles Barousse 

Angela Bartlett 

Shannon Beehan 

Jennifer Benoit 

Julien Berche 

Christine Bernier 

Heidi Blackwell 

Erik Boemanns 

Andy Bond 

62 ;:, ?»CLiplc 

Catherine Borck Laura Borderieux Scott Bourgeois 

John Boyle Jennifer Bozeman 

Jason Breitfeller Hilary Brennan Daniel Brown 

Luke Brown 

Rvan Brown 

Kristen Buoy Christina Burnham Laura Butts 

Jennifer Cameli Brandi Camron 

^>eoplc ■ 62 

^re^^men ©opf)Dmore^ 3unte 

Pete Cannizzaro 

Matthew Carlisle 

David CanoU 


Brett Cave 

Marlene Chadwick 

Jennifer Chaves 

I. Ping Chung 

Peter Clement 

Denisa Clifford 

Katie Coakley 

Lori Collins 

Nancy Collins 

Katy Combs 

Allison Cool 

Lanier Coulter 

64 ■■'; '^People 


Heather Crawford 

Patricia Curtis 

Elizabeth DeBroux 

Patrick Di Cicco 

Natalie Dietz 

Casey Dryden 

Elizabeth Duncan 

Jake Eckmann 

Julie Ehlers 

Justin Eleff 

Karen Elumbaugh 

Randy E\ erette 




Q: How would 
you characterize 

A: I think the sign 
of the times at 
Oglethorpe now is 
the freshman 
class. They have a 
lot of energy, and 
they are making 
Oglethorpe seem 
more like a real 
campus. I think 
Kevin Woolf has a 
lot to do with this. 
He's got some 
great ideas, and 
there are more 
things to do here 
on campus no^^'. 



gre^^men ©op^omore^ "^nmx^ 

(Br^T^^IMllH (fnT 

Patrick Floyd 

Kimberly Fowler 

Katherine Fox Baerbel Freudenthaler Jana Furstein 

Nicole Garbarini 

Allison Gatliff 

Adam Gellert 

Stephanie Giles 

Joshua Gramling 

Amanda Gn ~ne 

Jeremy Greenup 

Hannah Grisar Brian Gupton 

Natalie Hagmann 

66 People 

Carol Hall Lori Hallford Kelly Hampton Sean Hannay Clint Harris 

Daniel Heacox Karen Head-Evans Jennifer Hedgepeth Marie Heflin 

Emily Herbert 

Kelly Holland Valerie Holshouser Melanie Honeycutt Misty Hood Jeremy Horsetield 

■people 67 

gre^men ©op^omore^ 3wntor^ 

E-Chia Huang 

Terri Hughes 

Kevin Huitt 

Shannon Hutcheson 

Matthew Hutz 

Joseph Hyder 

Carla Hyman 

Karen James 

Jaime Jedrychowski Jenny Jedrychowski 

Katie Jefferies 

Jeremiah Jeffra 

WiUiam Johnson 

Jena JoHssaint 

Renee JoHssaint 

68 People 

*:■ ■aB-^<.*flW<'-^-*>-*'*.lJto»»'^'r.tW'W>-r«5 Vj««>.l-»-t^"^.'— ■■— .-t- '^^ .rx—1-^':.- . 

Donna LaRosa 

Amy Katz 

Creche Kern 

Kimberly Kuni 

Leigh Lawless 

Kristine Lawrie 

Ben Leggett 




Q: How would 
you characterize 


A: We ha\'e 
books, books, 
books at 
^ Oglethorpe and 
|not enough time 
"'- to digest. What 
we really need is 
to interact more 
with what we're 
learning, just 
more dialogue, 
more experience. 

Kara Leibig 

Deborah Leighty 

Russell Lind 

Joev Low 

•^^yL -^c ?^ ^ - ^ ''-f2?^^^'^^'~' ?'^''^"^*^.'^- ^^ft-*'> 



^re^^men ©op^omore^ ^nm^ 

Robyn Lucas 

Andy Milford 

Sharon Mc '^ir 

70 ].V'Dplc 

Peter Lundin 

Mandy McDow 

Amy McGhee 

Heather McNeill 

Coy Miller 

LaShonda Miller 

Erica Millette 

Alisa Mobley 

Lisa Morgan 

Brian Moriarty 


Mika Mueller 

^re^^men ©op^omore^ Z^nm 

Jessica Muhlfelder Jennifer Nanek 

Wil Nash 

Jorge Navarro 

Yvette Nemeth 

\ 1 

Kate Nolan 

Patrick O'Rourke Jamie Ogletliorpe Alexandre Oliveira 

Yuka Ota 

Chris Paragone 

Elizabeth Parra Janan Partida 

David Pass 

^^ccrlc • r 1 

^re^l^men ©op^omore^ 3unfe 

Alexia Petrakos 

Gregory Phillips 

Sarah Phillips 

Vincent Pisani 


Adam Polakov 

Mike Pompilio 

Kate Pope 

Jerry Portwood 

Samantha Rasnake 

Rob Ra ^on 

Lisa Ray 

Jason Reese 

Amanda Regnier 

Sasha Rionda 

72 \}} "Pcopk 

gre^^men @opf)omore^ S^nfe 

James Rissler 

Hal Robinson 

Patrick Ritter 

Matt Rivenbark Chelsie Roberts Amy Robertson l- 

Darla Rook 

Zandra Ruiz 

Kiley Ryba 

Eric Salus 

Erin Sanderson 

Erum S attar 

Zane Scarborough 

Ann Scliewe Pauline Schilpzand 


gre^^mm ©op^omore^ 3untDtg 

Christopher Schukar Melanie Scott 

Nicole Scott 

Jennifer Sells 

Rosa SeruUe 

Keabii Shaw 

Arathi Shenoy 

Lara Sidenstricker 

Allison Smith 

Chris Smith 

Kathleen Sobush 

Nathan Sparks 

Nicole Spencer 

tl EVERY child" 


Blake Stabler 

74 I'leciplc 

fJ!c"'»*">«J<-3B . 

Jason Stackhouse 

Jennifer Taylor 

Danielle Stellin 

Tina Stults 

Neetu Tawney 

Ana Tchaplinskaya Chanda Thomas 

Jeff Thomas 




Q: How would 
you characterize 

A: You could say 
big mouth with 
little teeth. It 
says a lot of 
stuff, but doesn't 
always follo^^" 

Aimee Thrasher 

John Tole 

Roderick Underwood Nicole Urhanek 


r-i >-■-._ '..■.-< 

^^-. :.';--^;-.v--'- 

JTf'w:^, ^. ■ %^- . 

^re^^men ©op^omore^ Suntor^ 

Tanja Van Der 

Valerie Van Willigen 

Erik Viberg 

Michael Vickers 

Johnny Waggener 

Gloria Wagner 

Matthew Wallace 

Megan Walters 

Bennett Weaver 

Rob Wesley 


Branch Wieberg 

Lauren Wilkerson 

Vicy Wilkinson 

Christie Willard 

76 <; "people 


§re^^men ©op^omore^ Z^mx^ 

Allison Williams Laura Williams Lainie Wilson Misty Wilson Daniel Wood 


Kevin Woolf Vincent Zinnerman 

^).\"prlc 11 

Off dusty felt, dripping down from 
the rafters on high, the whispers of 
organizations past are drowned out by 
the drone of diners. Moist Hfe and 
powdery death mingle among the 
banners above. The diners below 
choose their seats according to their 
membership in organizations, yet the 
signs above them do not keep time 
with their movements. A few loyal 
banners represent the diners below 
them, but many are relics of organiza- 
tions which no one remembers. 
College Democrats. Residence Hall 
Association. Other banners scream 
the existence of groups which do not 
even speak in the campus community. 
Psi Chi. Sigma Zeta. Meanwhile, the 
members of the most active organiza- 
tions are largely without felt placards 
of their own. Stormy Petrel. Sigma 
Sigma Sigma. Some of these active 
groups foolishly tear down each 
other's banners, tearing away much of 
the present and restoring the rafters to 
their absurdity. Kappa Alpha. Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon. Occasionally, life 
pours down from the ceiling briefly 
as new felt is slid over old metal and 
students strive to make a physical 
impression of the immediate in the 
dusty clay of high wooden beams. 
Chi Omega. OUTlet. 



J. ' 






Q:i)i Ome^a 

i r% 

.t\:>' :,-^. 



'^«Ita X^eta 


- 'l>- 


Above: Bannersmith Sarah Phillips hanging around with friends in Lynwood Park. Sarah's navy 

blue, felt creations were new to the cafeteria in "97. 


Oriwnijariwi? ( 9 

3:f)e |)onorable 

Above: Members of 0HE are Jeff Thomas, 

Rob Wesley, Shikha Dharamntp, Kristin 

Herbert. Emily Herbert, Kimberly Fowler. 

Cannen Pentilla (back), Jana Fiirstein, Beth 

Barnes, Kristen Kirkland, Kim Meyer and 

John Boyle (front). 

Above right: Becky Ellis participates in 
OAK initiation. 

Right: OAK initiates Dave Pass, Andy Noble, 

Hope LeBeau, Shannon Hutcheson, 

Christina Burnham, John Knott, Nancy Kerr, 

Angela Satteifield, James Rissler and Sarah 

Phillips join the circle. 



Above: New initiates of Order of 
Omega are (left to right): Marshall 
Nason. David Pass. Jason Reese. 
Bob Buccino. Shannon Hutcheson. 
Donny Crawford. Sarah Phillips. 
Thariiis Sumter. Julie Agster Kim 
Kuni and Lanier Coulter 

Left: Shannon Hutcheson poses 
with her family after being 
initiated into OAK. 



Above: Ambassadors Chaiula Thomas. 

Tina Stiilrs, Jignash Shaw. Megan 

Podolsky and Julie Shiiman relax after 

a tough day of inaccurately shaping 

prospective students' impressions of 

Oglethorpe Universit}: 

Right: Evelyn Boria entlmsiastically 

calls a prospective student during the 

spring phone campaign... or is she on 

the phone with Ted'.' 



Organ 1,: ,::i^iis 

ti)t 9lepregentatit)e^ 

Above left: Julie Sluwiau. that champion 
of ambassadorial justice, makes sure that 
prospective students enjoy all the benefits 
of touring campus. 

Above: Jeremy Jeffra. Randy Roberson. 
Kelly Holland. Dave Pass. Kyle}- Ryha 
and Allison Gatliff pause from their OSA 
duties to provide the Yamacraw with 
fodder for its Representatives page. 

Left: Ted Mulholland takes advantage of a 
prospective student's busy signal to ring 
up Evelyn in the next room. 



5:^e Srubite 

Above: Co-curricular organiziition 
Chiaroscuro shows ojf its artwork to the 


Above right: Dn Cramer and Catherine 

Borck tally the scores for the Oglethorpe 

Academic Team during Geek Week while Dr. 

Rulison looks on. 

Right: Sometimes it's our fault, sometimes 

it's your fault, but if we don't have a picture, 

you get ducked over 




Above: The Socien of Physics 
Students (UR) Mark Caprio. 
Eleanor Fulton. Dn Rulison. Greg 
Daspit. James Jaehnig. Jon 
Lampkin, Nicole Spencer. Tijfany 
Kelsey {top}. Dr. Cramer Sean 
Higgins, and Tony Drake { bottom). 

Left: Figureheads busted after 
checking out Allison Wdbur's 
"Conversation with Klimt." 



Above: Le Cercle Francais members 

Pat Midhearn. Mariamie Liagre. 

Chris Lumor and Brandon Stone 

enjoy a sunny afternoon luncli. 

Left: Ainsley Waken pauses on her 

trip to the Tostitos to smile for the 

camera at an Outlet cookout. 

. \ 



Zi)t (£ommunicat{t)e 

Above left: Valerie Hohhouser reveals 
rather incriminating evidence behind Dr. 
Lutz's back at a seemingly innocent Le 
Cercle Francais gathering. 

.Above: "No. Patrick. I'm president of 
Thaiians. and it's my decision that you get 
the apple off his head. " Jerry Portwood 
proclaims to an upset Patrick Floyd as 
Josh Miller. Catherine Borck and Jeremy 
Jeffra (pictured here with apple on head) 
look on. 

Left: During Outlet's eiui-of-the-year 
part}-. Chanda Thomas shows shock and 
concern as Nikki Rozsko's face suddenly 
contorts uncontrollably. 



2:l)e ^ubli^^eb 

Above: It's hip. it's happening, we're 

talking tlie cutting edge of music today 

— just tune in your dial to AM 530 to 

hear the fresh, new. nonexistent sound of 


Above right: "You guys really put 

together a better publication than we 

do. Good work. " Stormy Petrel staff 

member Jeriy Portwood admits to the 

Yamacraw staff. 

Right: Tower contributors and OU poets 

laureate Jenee Ledoux and Catherine 

Borck assess campus culture at the 

Battle of the Bcmds. 




Above: A little dazed, possibly from 
the fluorescent lights in the 
Yamacraw office or the euphoria of 
completing a page's layout (or the 
Busch). Katie Coakley wanders 
about, surely on the verge of 
furthering her journalistic skills. 

Left: The Stormy Petrel takes 
Manhattan. In town for a college 
media convention over spring 
break. Carlo Hyman. Ryan Brown. 
Jeriy Pomvood. Catherine Borck. 
Patrick Floyd. Nicole Garbarini 
and Dimply Ritter take a bite out of 
the Big Apple at the Star Diner, on 
54th St. and 7th Ave. 



$^e dultureb 


Above left: Celebrating Black Hision- Month, 
a model dressed in Traditional African garb 
strolls elegantly into our own Talmage Room. 

Above: A dramatic reenacrment of an Apican 

Left: Dancin' Dutch at Intemarional Night. 
(Note the lack of wooden shoes.) 





Above: Yes, it just might be APO member 

Joseph Hyder playing Bingo with your 

grandma! Some grandchild you are! Go visit 


Above right: Creche Kern cheers on her Best 
Buddy as he rolls the winning hoop across 

the finish line. 

Right: Using a big silver machine of 

unknown usage, Adrienne Lerner prepares 

food for AIDS patients during APO's Meals- 

on-Wheels excursion. 



Above: APO members Melanie 
Honeycutt. Jeremy Horsefield. Jerry 
Portwood. Mika Mueller and Katie 
Combs prepare to assassinate Zach 

Left: Vicy Wilkinson and her Best 
Buddy share a smile. 



Above: Salt & Light guitarist Raiuiy 

Everett rocks to "This Little Light of 

Mine, " as Yvette Nemeth and Jamie 

McChdig look oil ill aiiniseinent. 

Right: "Ok, Jesus and Moses are playing 

golf... " Jamie McCluiig begins his 

favorite biblical joke. 



ti)t D^eligioug 

Above left: Sophia Almeida is SOT a \AD 
member, and neither is the duck. 

.Above: Sah & Light member Man Reeves 
lunis to Scripture as he prays for passing 
grades during finals. 

Left: Anix McGhee and James Rissler enjoy 
Bruce Wilkes' rendition of "He's Got the 
Whole World in His Hands." 


2:f)e Qiti)ktk 

Above: Kasliima members (L/R) Katie 

Combs. Kelly Mazuwwski, Zacli Schwab. 

Chris Thome (back). Mika Mueller, Cirrus 

Gundlach. Megan Walters and instructor 

Quinn Banks (front). 

Above right: No. those aren't light sabers 

Zach Schwab and Kelly Mazurowski are 

using, you uncultured twit. They're a 

different type of sword, namely, the type 

Chris Lambert used in "Highlander" to hack 

eveiy one's head off. 

Right: "O" Club members Linda Davis and 

Hope LeBeau play a quick game of 

piggyback before a cross-countiy meet. 




Above: Kashima member Zach 
Schwab hurls his nemesis. Chris 
Thome, onto the mat mercilessly. 

Left: "O" Club member Tmnie 
Waterston kicks the old soccer ball 
around: Kristen Buoy rushes up arid 
cries out bitterly. "Why can't I be 





Above: "No, Valerie, I said we should 

'spread good will!'" Adrienne Lerner 

says as Jennifer Benoit, Torvores James, 

Amanda Regnier. Blake Stabler and 

Heidi Blackwell brainstorm at an APO 


Right: Kate Knott, Laura Williams, 

Jana Furstein. Marie Biro, Sarah 

Snyder and Marie Heflin size up the 

goods as Jay Matthews is auctioned off 

in the Traer courtyard. 



Sf)e ©i^organijeb 

Above left: Joel McGinnis. piping away in 
Scottish ensemble. 

Above: "Erin. I can hear the ocean!" 
exclaims Susie Polyak. 

Left: Hearts & Bones and Pebbles. Ms. Pike 
sits between Ainsely Waken and Mkki 
Rozsko. co-editors of Outlet's publication.. 




This year, fraternities and 
sororities laughed; they cried; they 
partook of some occasional "booty 
music," and they hooked up once in a 
while. Not only were there some 
"ups," but also some "downs" were 
experienced. Furthermore, most 
fraternities and sororities held the 
traditional events that they have held 
for years. Finally as a peak to the 
excitement we have all experienced, 
Greek Week was held and SAE was 
awarded the victor's trophy at 
Springfest. This is not much different 
then what could be said for many 
years gone by. 

However, all this repetition of 
events does have an importance in 
Greek Life. Greeks share the fleeting 
few years at Oglethorpe in close 
relationships with their own brothers 
or sisters and with other Greeks. 
While ritual and tradition may seem to 
grow repetitive, the time we spend 
with our friends now can never be 
repeated. Never again will this par- 
ticular group of people be together at 
OU. As Greeks we are committed to 
the established practices of our na- 
tional organizations, but as friends we 
should strive to appreciate each day 
we can spend together as part of the 
vibrant, living Oglethorpe community 
in the '96-'97 school year, for that can 
never be repeated and is quite differ- 
ent from all years gone by. 


Above: All the little sis... no. letter girls of 
ZAEstop to take a picture at the fall formal. 



^ v^ 




F. .^--7^ '^^ 


Above: Chi Omegas pack the Fox Theatre for 

White Carnation. 

Right: These Chi-Os are all smiles after a 
successful rush, and with pledges Molly- 
Lewis and Katie Coakley, the future looks 
bright and cheeifid for years to come. 

Above right: Julie Shuman hoists Jennifer 
Hedgepeth, "She's not heavy. She's my 

sister " 

Far right: Jennifer Hedgepeth says, "I can 't 
believe I wore this. You're wearing it too!" 

Opposite above: Tracy Vax and Lauren 
Wilkerson show us how an impressive tooth- 
brushing policy can yield bright shiny teeth 

for life. 



(If)i Omega 

The school year began with a busy rush. Sisters 
only had a few weeks to befriend the girls they would 
soon call sisters. Fortunately rush ends and true sister- 
hood can begin with their new pledges. 

The sisters of Chi Omega worked hard in their 
valiant efforts to win sorority Greek Week. With a 
schedule full of singing, play making and \arious athletic 
events, it is a wonder they had time for minor things such 
as school work. Chi Omega had yet another good year 
of scholarship and sisterhood. The sisters won highest 
sorority GPA again, while maintaining an acti\e social 
calendar which included mixers, several parties and, the 
grand finale, the White Carnation Ball. 



d^t ^^l 

With the addition of nine brothers, the Chi Phi 
Rho Delta brothers have enjoyed growth and prosper- 
ity this year. The chapter was recognized by Chi Phi 
National by receiving the Gehring Award for one of 
the best chapters in the country and the Best Delega- 
tion Award at their annual College of Excellence. The 
brothers kept busy on campus throughout the year by 
hosting such activities as the ever-popular Halloween 
Party, where freaks and oddities abound. A large class 
of brothers will be graduating this year and Chi Phi 
wishes their '97 graduates well in all their future 



Above: Ivan Aimikov surprised by a 
paparazzo at the X<P bar Chantal 
Monatagnet consoles him, "You're a star, 
bab\. It goes with the territory. " 

Above left: Charles Stephens looks at the 
world below to ask. "Who's little now?" 

Left: Sean Wessling and Charles Barousse 
prepare to do the lift they practiced earlier 
at the lake. 

Far left: Drew Miyagi instructs Jake-San, 
"Show me 'milk the upright cow.'" 

Opposite above: You kjww Mason Richey. if 
just one of those bulbs is bunit out. the 
whole string is dead. 



Above: Jay Matthews thinks back to the last 

time he was in this position and tries to 

remember what comes next. 

Above right: Grip and Grin. 

Right: This is the Delta Sigma Phi group 


Far right: Peter Limdin stands proudly as 
throngs of females bid for his serx'ices. 

Opposite above: Turtle (Jason Breitfeller) 
falls asleep at the Greek Week Sing, but his 
loyal brothers keep him from falling shell- 



^e[ta ©igma ^f)i 

The brothers of Delta Sigma Phi returned 
from summer to a busy rush schedule. After the open 
houses and dinners were fmished. the fraternity 
received several new members, and their year was off 
and running. 

With fun and exciting events such as pledge 
retreat and the Delta Sigma Phi formal, one can be 
sure that these young men had their fair share of 
fun this school year. However, despite their fun lo\ ing 
ways, the pledges of Delta Sig were able to capture 
the honor of having the highest GPA among all frater- 
nity pledges at Oglethorpe. 

All in all, the school year has been very 
productive for the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, and 
under the astute leadership of Jason "Turtle" 
Breitfeller, the future looks much brighter. 



^appa 2tlp^a 

Kappa Alpha had a wonderful rush that was 
capped off by a very productive and rewarding Bid Day. 
They increased their numbers with some of the finest young 
men going through rush, and it is to be hoped the years to 
come will only be enhanced by their presence. The year got 
off to a grand start with new pledges. Pledge events such as 
painting the ZAE roof and standing in the parking lot 
advanced brotherhood and Greek unity by leaps and 

Unfortunately the chapter was unable to hold 
scheduled parties, but this small hurdle did not stop the 
brotherhood from growing within the walls of Kappa 
Alpha Beta Nu. Off campus events such as taking the 
Little Sisters out to dinner and an excidng Old South in 
New Orleans, assured that fun was had by all those 
involved. Although the year was marred by certain 
events, the chapter has been able to grow and improve. 
In fact. Kappa Alpha received the Most Improved 
Chapter GPA for the year which rewarded the brothers 
for all their efforts in the classroom. To be sure, not 
unlike the South, Kappa Alpha will rise again. 



Above: Rob. honey, how many Moranis 
magnitude manipulation movies did you 
make ? 

Left: KA with their loving and loyal little 
sisters down in front. 

Above left: Sun'eying the stomped lawn 
Shady Pace loves it when a plan comes 


Far left: "Dixie" and macrobrew. R.E. Lee 
would be proud. 

Opposite above: Lewis and Clint compare 
notes from their international brew 
expedition. Mexican Tecate or Jamaican Red 
Stripe? At least they agree on American 




-^^ ■^•'^!WH? \ ''^" 

Above: Hot Rod prepares to regulate as the 
crowds at the Boxer Rebellion begin to get 

out of hand. 

Above right: Anyone caught slippin' faces 
the ZAE chopping block. 

Right: "Tell me, Muse, of the man of many 

ways, who was driven far journeys, after he 

had sacked Troy's sacred citadel, " Joe 

Kazmierczak sips the sweet ambrosial nectar 

of the gods as he awaits Muse's reply. 

Opposite right: Brothers and pledges rest at 

the top of a rock where they are joined by a 

kindly guru for a group photo. 

Opposite above: "Let King Kong climb that 

building, man. We'll just stay here and drink 

beer, " Mahonex saxs. 


CD ©reefed 

©tgma 9llp^a (Sp^tton 

The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon returned to 
campus in the midst of another busy rush, and after the 
dust had settled, their efforts were rewarded with several 
promising pledges. These pledges were integrated into the 
fraternity with events such as mountain climbing on the 
pledge trip. The year was very productive yet fun v, ith 
events such as the Pre-Boxer Stump Removal Party 
headed by Brother Hero, Coy Miller. Other events such 
as the Magnolia Ball, ski trip, and "beech" trip allo^A ed the 
brothers and guests not only to bond, but also tohave fun. 

As the year progressed so did the brotherhood. 
Weekly games such as "Black Ball" and the exhilarat- 
ing thriller "Act Real Mad" added the exciting drama 
upon which a good brotherhood is based. The zenith 
of the year arrived as the brothers celebrated the fruits 
of their labor at the Greek Week victon, part\. Indeed, it 
was a party more depressing than any in Oglethorpe 
history. Awards such as the Highest Chapter GPA and 
various awards from the national fraternity ended the 
chapter's year on an upward zepher. 



©tgma ©igma ©igma 

The sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma have had yet 
another banner year that began with a splendid rush. The 
sorority was able to get many great new members as a 
result of the dedicated friendship they share with each 
other. To be sure, Sigma provided the picture in the 
dictionary under "a special kind of sisterhood." 

Sigma held their usual events such as their Hal- 
loween party, mixers with all the fraternities, and their big 
dance — Pearls, Girls, and Memories. However, the girls 
of Sigma distinguished themselves not only as socialites 
but also as academics. Their efforts in the classroom won 
them the high honor of Most Improved Chapter GPA as 
well as a sense of accomplishment. 

As the sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma look back over 
the year, they can not only remember the fun they had as 
friends but also the accomplishments they achieved as 

114 ;a>. ©recks 

Left: Chantal Moiuagnei. Jennifer Chaves. 
Mariruth Leftwich, Christine Bemier, Carla 
Hyman and Allison Gatliff share an 
Adirondack bench on bid day. 

Above left: Marissa Rojas and Christine 
Bender provide us all with a Kodak moment 
as they display their "True Colors" at the 
Greek Week Sing. 

Opposite above: Julie Agster throws some 
leg amid sisters. 

Above: Tern Hughes. Jennifer Chaves and 
Julie Vazquez lusting in lavender at Purple 

Far left: III past and present at Pearls. 
Girls and Memories. Kristen Buoy e.xclaims. 
"Someone just pinched me. " Kim Mohrjust 
keeps smilin'. 



While the sports section of The 
Stormy Petrel will have trouble 
replacing Daryl Brooks and Chris 
Smith, '96-'97 Petrel sports lose few 
seniors. Women's basketball, men's 
basketball and baseball find them- 
selves in similar positions: losing 
senior stars, but bringing back tal- 
ented rosters. Ten freshmen held the 
rope for the women's basketball team. 
Golf returns a full squad. Men's soccer 
has lost only three seniors in the past 
two years. Though LeBeau leaves 
women's tennis Nicole Garbarini 
provides hope for the future. Men's 
tennis will miss contributors Jeff 
Bates, John Breton and Michael 
Shirley; but freshman Erik Viberg 
looks to hold the 1-spot until the end 
OU athletics will miss multi- 
sport trainer and manager Robert 
Miller. Miller's has given more to the 
program than any other student during 
his college career. Along with seniors 
Tinnie Waterston, Tim Crowley, 
Becky Ellis and Bryon Letourneau, 
Miller has earned consideration for 
the OU sports hall of fame. 


Above: Coach Bill Popp. 


^en'^ 6occer 

You've been running for 
almost an hour, your knees are 
bloody, you've got grass in your teeth, 
and if you get kicked in the shins one 
more time you may go mad — welcome 
to the wonderful world of Petrel soccer. 
Two words describe Coach 
Lochstampfor's team this year: youth- 
ful and shorthanded. Youthful in that 
the team graduates only two seniors 
this year after graduating only one last 
year. And shorthanded in that they 
played only 12-14 players in almost 
half of their games. But these guys are 

the avian equivalent of the energizer 
bunny — they don't stop — ever. While 
fielding such a limited roster preserved 
woodwork on the seldom used benches 
(and prevented splinters from lodging in 
posteriors), it did nothing to lessen the 
amount of work required of these guys. 
But any Petrel will tell you: Work and 
play are one and the same. 

Below: Jason Amos attempts to steal the ba 
from the opposing team. 

Above: With explosive speed, senior Brent Latham blows past an unlucky opponent. "Pardon me, I have a goal to score. 



?/oir; Anthony Kendall gets that far off' 
ok in his eye as he awaits the start of 
lother game. 



Below: Missy Roederslieiiner lays it all out 
and takes it on the kisser for the Petrels. Ju 
so you know, she won this ball. Crime 
doesn 't pay. 

"^Bomen'^ 6occer 

3elow: Susie Polyak demonstrates haw she 
'eels about the ball being in front of the 
^etrels' goal ... No thanks! 

Gold in the Olympics, a surge 
in the interest of American fans 
everywhere — there is no doubt that 
women's soccer is on a rocket trip to 
stardom here in the US of A. But for 
Coach Yelton's Lady Petrels it's 
business as usual. Most of these ladies 
were hacking away at it long before 
their sport went mainstream. With 
their best season in years, they've 
proven that their hard work — recog- 
nized or not — has paid off. These 
women are no novelty. We bid fond 
farewell to a group of seniors, but is 

the bird in Yelton's hand? Underclass- 
men, sorry, women, with skills you 
won't believe. Just you wait . . . 

Back L to R: Coach Todd Yellon, Debbie Arrietta, Jamie Chardos. Kristin Herbert. Emily Herbert. Amy Myers. Tinnie Wwerswn, 

Susie Poh'ak, Kimberh Williams. Lindsax Burgoon. 

Front L to R: Christine Scarborough. Nina Shah. Sabrina Soles, Kristen Buoy Dawn Bristol. Missy Roedersheimer, Amber Hampton. 

Shannon Hutcheson, Carmen Pentilla. 

Not Pictured: Rob Hutcheson - Assistant Coach. 



^ro^^ dountri) 

The only rule for cross country 
racing is this: If every step isn't the 
worst pain you've ever felt, then you 
aren't trying hard enough. 

—Nike CEO Phil Knight 

The men and women of Petrel 
cross country will tell you truer words 
were never spoken. They will also tell 
anyone who will listen, old cliches die 
hard: The truth hurts. So, why do they 
run? You may as well ask why a Petrel 
is stormy . . . 

So where are these Petrels to 

be found? Forget the track, roads — 
no way, sidewalks schmidewalks — 
they run the paths less traveled, some 
Petrels at least can be found in the 

Below: Coach Linger contemplates th\ 
Petrels' times, or is he looking for recruits 

The 1996-1997 Women's Cross-Conntiy Team. L to R: Maria Topczij, Kyley Ryba, Sarah Snyder Hope LeBeaii, Kristine Lawrie, 
Maria Johnson, and Catlix Doles. 



?lo\v: Brett Cave takes a leisurely stroll at 
mferenee. Maybe he could he beaten if his 
et actually touched the ground':' 

Above: Kristine Lawrie. Linda Davis, and 
Maria Topczij lead the Petrel pack against 

Left: The 1996-1997 Men's Cross Country 
team. L to R: Jejf Thomas. Jamie McClung, 
Patrick DiCicco. Roderick Underwood. Chip 
Kohhveiler. and Brett Cave. 




Above: "I love you so much. If you came 

down here I'd give you a big hug. " Jemiifer 

Sparlis reaches out to a fluorescent light in 

the Schmidt Center. 

Right: Sunny Hilliard ready to drop the 


Below: Freshman Katie Sobush bumpin ' am 
jumpin '. 


3) ?lti)lctic 


elow: Zina Sponiawva. post sen>e vogue. 

Bump, set, spike? Were it only 
that simple, we could all do it. This 
isn't one of those $ 1 combination 
badminton/volleyball nets you buy at 
Target — this is serious. We're talking 
knee pads and bruised elbows, we're 
talking all out dives on a very unfor- 
giving gym floor. We're talking Coach 
Grenier's Lady Petrels. 

After graduating several key 
players last year, most schools would 
call this a "rebuilding year." Complet- 
ing a successful '96 season, you can 
almost hear the laughter of the Lady 

Petrels as they look toward next year. 
With this kind of talent, you can 
hardly call it rebuilding, unless you're 
talking about the opposition. 

Above: Ann Mason, assistant coach and OU alum ('95), rallies the troops during practice. 



^en'^ ^a^ketbad 

The Petrels left coach Jack 
Berkshire one victory short of 300, 
but accomplished much during the 
'96-'97 season. 

For the first time since joining 
the SCAC, OU beat Rhodes on the 
road. Senior Bryon Letoumeau 
scored his 1000th point and earned a 
spot on the all-conference 1st team. 
Sophomore Dan Brown earned an all- 
conference honorable mention. 

Below: The men have a deodorant chei 
before taking the com 

Above: Dan Brown heads west on Southwestern as Chico Jones looks on in awe and disbelief, "How does he do that? 



telow: Freshman Sean Hannay can 't resist a 
•tile pre-game dunkage. 

Above: Veteran Jason Jones: one thing he 
could do ... was finger roll. Wide-eyed 
Anthony Freeman sizes up the competition. 
or is he checking out a gal in the stands? 

Left: Mike Deckert gets a hand, or nose, 
fi-om a Southwestern player for a mid-game 
rechecking of deodorant fortitude. Ibu can't 
he too sure. 


Below: Kendra Rimbert gets set to take the 
extra points from the line. She would rather 
earn them the hard way. with a few elbows 
down in the lane, but if you're giving points 
away, who is she to argue? 

QBomen'^ ^a^ketbatt 

low: Lisa Boley pulls down another hoard. 

The Lady Petrels played better 
than their 10-15 record suggests. Of 
15 losses, 1 1 were decided by 10 or 
fewer points. With only two upper- 
classmen, Allison McDonald and 
Becky Ellis, and 10 freshmen, the 
young Petrels struggled under second 
year coach Beth Elbon to find on- 
court chemistry. 

Senior Becky Ellis concluded 
a stellar career as a four-year starter 
scoring her 1000th point and earning a 
place on the all-conference 2nd team. 

Above: Allison McDonald passes to wide-open senior Beckys Ellis wlule Clienl. Lisa and Kendra battle it out down low 




Below: Keeping 'em honest on first base. 
Get back here! 

They finished third in Confer- 
ence, they beat teams they'd never 
beaten — nationally-ranked teams, 
mind you. If you didn't see these guys 
on the diamond this year, you missed 
out. With numbers higher than many, 
many years past to prove it, the 
Petrels shocked a few, but Coach Bill 
Popp knew it all along. The players 
knew it, too. Some people don't 
understand it, but these guys are knit 
tighter than a bulletproof vest. You 

want the real Boys of Summer? Try 
the Petrels of Spring. They sweat, 
they bleed, they get dirty, but they do 
it together, no egos here, and they do 
it for Oglethorpe. Congratulations, 

Above: The team celebrates another successful at-hat with Ogletho)-])e's '96-'97 male athlete of the year Tim Crowley. 

130 , 3itl)letics 

Below: Petrels hit, run... and slide'.' Safe 
That's another one for us... 

.Above: How far is it going? Ideally over the 
fence and not into a glove! 

Left: The tag is applied. Is he out? No. this 
guv is safe, but only because we felt sorry for 

him this time. 

2Ithlcric5 131 

Below: Hal Robinson gets a good chuckle 
after looking at the scorecard, he didn 't 
know it would be this easy. "By the way, 
where's my caddie?" 

el(nv: Hey! Stop that! You can't move it 
'Oitnd! Johnathan Milford sizes up a putt. 

For the first time in OU golfs his- 
tory, Jim Owen's Petrels were nation- 
ally ranked in Division Ill's top 25. A 
2nd place finish at the Ferrum Invita- 
tional was another Oglethorpe best. 

ToUiver Williams, 'QS-'Qe SCAC 
player of the year, and Hal Robinson an- 
chored a young team. Coach Owen re- 
placed three seniors with freshman re- 
cruits Jonathan Milford, Brent Bell and 
Peter Lundin. Junior college transfer 
Rob Rawson grabbed a seat on the team 

and, along with the reemerging Ben 
Hanes, countered the loss of Jason 
Breitfeller. With Robinson's tabletop 
football career suspended indefinitely. 
Mike Deckert was Owen's only athlete 
splitting time between two sports. 

Though April showers doused 
hopes of winning conference. 
Oglethorpe's most successful team loses 
no seniors! 

Above: ToUiver plays with his lip while Mike, Hal and Johnathan size up the competition - Yup. 



La di da di. we likes to party. We 
don't cause trouble: we don't bother 
nobody. We're just some playaz that's 
on the mic, an ' when we rock upon the 
mic we rocks the mic right. 

Submitted by John Breton. 
Adapted from Snoop's adaptation of 
Slick Rick. 

Below: Dunn Neugebauer... enough said. 

Above: Eric \: ■•^rg and Adam Polakov prepare to do Imttle witti tlie opposition, those poor guys don 't know what's alwul to 
happen — Eric s^ :ms in funny languages, and Adam. well, is Adam. 

34 ?ltblctic6 

Below: James Rissler serves one up. Note 
the Michael Jordan tongue thing. 

Above: Dave Menoni and Andrew Shahan 
talk strategy and raquet geometry on the 


Left: Jeff "East Coast" Bates demonstrates 
one of the veiy subtle signs that he and 
James use when playing doubles. 



Below: Tanja Van der Krabben, the Dutch 
sensation, hits a high backhand, with a 
ihree-inch vertical. 

Above: Nicole Garbarini and Becky Ellis: A 
pair of Petrels, getting it done. 

Right: As Becky and Nicole head off the 

court, Becky shows how she really feels 

about her competition. 

136 atfjieticg 

QBomen'^ Zzmi^ 

low: Kim Mohr gels ready to swat at one. 
->k out! 

I walk these streets, a loaded six- 
string on my hack. I play for keeps, 
'cause I mii>ht not make it hack. I've 
heen everywhere — standing tall. I've 
seen a million faces, and I've rocked 
them all. 

'Cause I'm a cowgirl. On a .steel 
horse I ride. And I'm wanted: dead or 

Submitted by Hope LeBeau. 
Adapted from Jon Bonjovi. 

Above: The multi-talented Hope LeBeau prepares to rocket a sen'e to the opposite court. 



Xtack & Jielb 

Below: Roderick Undenvood cruises to an 
easy win in his favorite event -- he never 
misses it — the open 400M. 

"Run. jump, throw, might as well 
try it all" was the motto for this year's 
track and field team. With a larger 
women's team than last year, and a 
slighdy smaller men's team. Coach 
Unger's well-laid plans got shaken up 
from the start. But. as always, the man 
with the red megaphone figured it all out. 
Wins against Emory. Georgia State 
University, Beixy. and Georgia Southern 
are the proof. Some of these athletes, 
along for the wild ride, did things they'd 

never tried — who would've thought that 
Pete Cannizzaro could triple jump? — 
But, as anyone on the team will tell you 
(after only a slight hesitation) Coach 
linger knows what he's doing. No one 
else might, but you've got to love that 

Above: Really, we're NOT posing for this picture. Lady Petrels Kristine Lawrie. Hope LeBeau. Cathy Doles, Maria Johnson and Linda 
Davis wear the uniform with pride. 

38 athletics 

Above: Higli flyin ' Heather Crawford takes 
off from the board, maybe she'll come down, 
maybe not. 

Left: BRETT CAVE! He's not human, really! 
Remember the biouic man'? He had a son... 



Below: Kim Williams and Jemiifer Hedgepetl 
rally the Petrel faithful during a halftime 


Above: A militant faction of the cheerleaders 
chant their rallying cry. "Hail, Letourneait!" 

Right: Jemiifer Hedgepeth and Rebecca 

Bowers take a break between cheers for 

sotne water and a self-administered ear 


140 Sltbktics 


elow: Jumping and ann-flailing. that's 
■hat ladies do -- and do it well. 

In their second year of revitaliza- 
tion, the Lady Petrel cheerleaders 
have kicked, thrown, and yelled their 
way to success. With several perform- 
ers returning from last year, and a 
promising freshwoman or two, the 
year went off with flair, style and 
some pretty darn cool halftime shows. 
If you went to a basketball game, you 
know what we're talking about. If not, 
well, your loss. But these ladies' 
presence — and their voices — were felt 

off the court too. They raffled, they 
hawked refreshments, but most of al 
they just supported. Thank you. 

Above: Atten-hut! The women file out of the bunaek.s for morning inspection. 



At the Honors and Awards 
Convocation Meredyth Grenier named 
James Rissler and Catherine Borck 
intramural athletes of the year. Grenier 
cited the good sportsmanship of the 
recipients. Both athletes participated 
in multiple sports. 

Rissler quarterbacked in flag 
football and played point guard for A- 
league basketball squad Mahoney. 

Borck proved to be a force in the 
paint as well as at the net. In the 
women's basketball league Borck 
played post for Misdirected Animos- 
ity. In her claim of good sportsman- 

ship Grenier seems to have over- 
looked Borck's spirited exchanges in 
the paint with Sigma's Kim Mohr. 
Perhaps Grenier felt that Borck's 
overwhelmingly good-natured volley- 
ball team made up for a stray elbow or 

Below: Sumner and Nigra on the court, 
bringing it down, with Andy Noble on D. 

Above: Pedro Niembro lo me into the paint, while Ben Hemes wonders where Zane got his cool shoes. 



Icni: "Hey! You're on my team!" says Paul 
as he and Eric hattle over ihe loose halls. 

Above: Ryan Queen and Luke Brown prepare 
to Lambada. 

Left: Pat Di Cicco holds oft' Eric, and looks 
for a teammate to rake the shot, while Ryan 
does the Flamenco in the background. 



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Right: Tim with Missy Roedersheimer. 

Below: Baseball coach Bill Popp retires Crowley's number 17 at the memorial ser\'ice on 

April 18, 1997. 









, > 





■•^^ J, , 


156 SmErorabn 

Malcolm Amerson remembers Tim Crowley 

Tim Crowley walked into my 
office and into my life in August, 1993, 
and informed me that I had been as- 
signed as his academic advisor. He told 
me that he was undecided about a ma- 
jor, so I asked him a few questions to 
determine his strengths and interests 
and recommended a rather demanding 
schedule and he never flinched. The 
only stipulation that he had was that his 
schedule must never interfere with 
baseball practice because baseball was 
very important to him. I was interested 
because I have always loved the game, 
so I asked him if he had any talent and 
he said, "I have some talent and I hope 
to get better." This established him as 
king of understatement because I dis- 
covered that he possessed considerable 
talent. After he left my office I made a 
few notes in his folder and last Friday I 
pulled his file and read what I had writ- 
ten after that first meeting. You may be 
interested in the notes I made that day: 
Not decided concerning a major. Nice 
looking kid, good manners, looks right 
at you when you are talking to him, 
appears to have a serious interest in 
baseball, did not hesitate to enroll in a 
rather rigorous schedule of classes, has 
a quiet kind of confidence. As I looked 
over his record, it became more and 
more difficult to see the pages as tears 
filled my eyes... 

... It is hard to imagine a trag- 
edy worse than the one that brings us 

together here today, but I say to you that 
this tragedy will be compounded if we 
do not learn something from this expe- 
rience. What I suggest to you is that we 
all make sure that there is something in 
our lives that we can be as passionate 
about as Tim was in baseball. We need 
to make sure that we learn from him 
that it is important to be dedicated to 
some pursuit. It may be time for many 
of us to think about our priorides and 
dedicate our efforts to some worthwhile 
pursuits. Tim certainly did and he has 
several records to prove it in runs bat- 
ted in, number of hits, and his no-hitter 
that he pitched a short while ago. Can 
you imagine a worse tragedy than to 
go through life with no passion, no ex- 
citement? I am reminded of some 
haunting lyrics from a song from the 
past which goes, "Life goes on, long 
after the thrill of living is gone." I know 
for a fact that Tim Crowley could not 
relate to this concept... 

... I think experts would tell us that 
it is important to express grief in a time 
like this and this certainly has affected me 
in a powerful way as it has the entire 
Oglethorpe community. But 1 ha\e to tell 
you, I look forward to the time in the fu- 
ture when we can celebrate the life of this 
young man without that big lump in my 
throat. Tim was a special young man and 
he deserves to be remembered the \\ a\ 
he lived — with gusto and happiness and 
a spirit of the celebration of Ufe. 

Last week I was over by the field 
house and was talking to Coaches Berk- 
shire, Owen and Neugebauer as we 
watched the Stormy Petrels playing 
Emory. An Oglethorpe hitter came to 
bat with men on base and blasted a 
home nin o\er the left center field fence 
and it took one hop over the little ditch 
there and rolled to our feet. Coach 
Neugebauer retrieved the ball and threw 
it back over the fence while we were 
celebrating this long homer and I asked. 
"Who was that'?" and Jim Owens said 
it was none other than our hero Tim 
Crowley. As Tim was rounding the 
bases we were all screaming congratu- 
lations and I shouted "Way to go Tim. 
my boy!" I hope he heard me. 

— Printed with permission of Dr. 
Malcolm Amerson. read by Dr David 
Thomas at the memorial service on 
April 18, 1997. 

5im Gn>n?[cp 157 

What does the Yamacraw staff really do in 

that little room? 

The Yamacraw would like to 
thank everyone who helped put this 
book together. Special thanks go to 
Chris Smith, Ashish Thakur, Melissa 
Mullis, Carla Hyman, Ryan Brown, 
Jon Lampkin, Melissa Svitek, Kelly 
Holland, the registrar's office, XQ, 
XO, AIO, KA, lAE, Head, Jamie 
Oglethorpe. Sara Hinkle, Malcolm 
Amerson, Cle Hall, Janet Maddox, the 
Athletic Department, Donald Moore 
and The Stormy Petrel. 

Right: Katie Coakley. Peiformances editor 

158 ""'2)amacraai Staff 

Above left: Jamie McCIimg and }vene 
Nemeth. Spans editors 

Above right: Linnea Dyer Layout editor 

Left: Kristen Buoy. Photography editor 

Q)amacrair ctafT "- 159 


' ^i- 

T •( w^ 


1 ** 


Photo by Melissa Mullu 

^;,,„,., _,V. ,#^